2021 – Bills at Titans

Bills: 31 Titans: 34

We were excited to get back on the Bus With Wings after COVID cancelled our 2020 plans. Southwest tried to stop us by canceling our group flights a month out from the trip, but the group made it down in time to show Nashville what being a Bills fan is all about. Ask Mick and Lynda about their drive from Cleveland! Actually, don’t.

No official Hawaiian Shirt Night event this year due to everyone’s different arrival times, but Rhonda and Gerry made sure everyone got lei’d at City Tap on Sunday afternoon. We even made the Buffalo News! This year we had the most “2nd generationers” on the trip in its history. Pretty soon they’ll be responsible for pushing the old folks to the stadium in wheelchairs.

Everyone had a fantastic time, aside from those last three seconds of the game. 

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