2019 – Bills at Dolphins

Bills: 37 Dolphins: 20

I was hoping the flight down from Buffalo wasn’t an indication about how the rest of the weekend was going to go – and we weren’t disappointed.

Thanks to Rhonda (and…Jack?) we kicked off the weekend with a great Hawaiian Shirt Night event! It’s getting better each year, and the drinks are certainly getting stronger.

The beachside hotel’s accommodations couldn’t have fit our group better, and the Bills played one of the best games we’ve seen on the road. Playoffs?!

We met some new friends and made some new regulars for the trip. There’s still a little Jack Apple left, but you’ll have to go to Pat’s mobile home if you want him to share it with you.

We also took over the town with our M&T Bank Bills magnets. Check out where they landed!

Photo Gallery

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