2012 – Bills at Browns

Bills: 24 Browns: 14

What an idea?! Take the wings off the bus and head to Cleveland. Seemed like a good one at the time but turned into one of those rolling parties we used to see going places like Baltimore or Cincinnati. Who can forget Bob’s meatball sub story? The shot glasses (also known as bathroom keys) were put to good use for sure.

We should have known what the night would bring when half our group found the one puddle in downtown Cleveland as we got off the bus. This trip gave birth to iconic lines like “You work here too?” and “Sir, you can’t sleep here.” Check out the pictures from the bus and see if you can figure out if each picture was on our way to Cleveland or on our way home.

The Bills beat up on a poor Browns team. We were lucky to have seats so high up in the stadium that we had cover from the rain/sleet/hail.

Photo gallery

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